MARTIN Men's Plant Essence & Extra Firming Moisturizing Purifying Blackhead Facial Mask 5 Pieces Pack



The Martin Plant Essence & Extra Firming Moisturizing Facial mask contains marine source of chondrus crispus extract, combined with lock in moisture component sodium hyaluronate, which replenishes skin moisture and increases skin hydration and shine. It also contains 7 plant extracts with vitamin B3 which balances the skin oil, revitalizes the skin, and improves the dullness of the face, leaves the skin fresh and moisturized. Select high-quality activated carbon plant fiber, when the mask is in full contact with the skin, it forms a natural "purification" film for the skin, which can absorb dirt in the furrow. The unique face shape design is perfect for men’s face, with light and soft touch, it more closely fits the entire face. It also helps the essence to be absorbed faster and more easily, to introduce more nutrients to the skin, to care for your skin and to give you a healthy and beautiful complexion..


Product Description:

·         Net Weight: 25 g/pack

·         Skin type: All kind of skin

·         Feature:

1.       Fast replenish water to your skin in 15 minutes.

2.      25 grams of plant essence, combined with a soft breathable membrane cloth, will allow nutrients to penetrate directly into your skin.

3.      Bamboo charcoal fiber cloth has superior suction and oil removal ability.

4.      Customized mask ratio, 3D cutting, more fit and docile.

5.      Balances oil, soothes skin, clear pores, removes dirt from skin


1.       Wash and clean face, remove the product from the bag

2.      Carefully place the mask on the face

3.      Remover the mask after 15~20 minutes and tap lightly to absorb the remaining essence into the skin

4.      Reapply the mask care as needed

5.      Suggest to use 2~3 times per week for best result



·         For external using only.

·         Behind the ear test is recommended before first trial.

·         Use as directed and avoid contact with eyes.

·         If product gets into eyes, flush with water.

·         Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs.

·         Consult with your physician if you are allergic to cosmetics.  




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